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Original ballroom dresses that are available for quick shipment will be denoted with an*,
Several new designs in several categories will be posted soon!

Dance fashions being of stretch fabric...most will fit within a 2 size, sometimes 3, range....especially ones made of the slinky fabrics. So, if you gain or lose just a few pounds, they will still fit well.

There are several dresses at Social Fashions that would work well for beginner show dancers or competitors...with more being posted soon... with details or call Linda at 440-327-7121.

Several new Ballroom Gowns,

For those of you that desire lot's of glitz...more Swarovski stonework can be added to any existing design...with fee adjusted accordingly.

For newcomers... or any other ladies wanting to save time changing if you have many numbers to perform...or doing a specialty dance that starts slow like a waltz,foxtrot, or bolero...then turns high energy swing,Latin or hustle? go to

Slinky Rufflies...for tango,bolero or rumbas....keeping them sleek, classic & simple...or adding Swarovski rhinestone work from a simple sprinkle or touch to as ornate as you desire!
These will be added soon with details or call Linda at 440-327-7121.

many at Latin & Swing, Tango Fashions & Ballroom
Since so many designs are at these 3 categories...making your selections easier & quicker...
they have been broken down into several pages,
as well as Ballroom dresses under $1000.00
Latin dresses under $700.00
Latin & Swing Fringy Dresses
Many different designs to choose from on these latin dresses with fringe...some great for tango also

Body suits, skirts, tops & pant sets for social or practice,
Many styles of Fringy Pantsets to choose from as well!!

Remember...most any designs shown through out the site can be done in other colors,fabrics...more or less stonework, fringe, ruffles, flounces, etc., done to create a look truly YOURS alone!!

Glamour Robes & Totes

Swarovski Rhinestone Embellishing of Many Other Items!
Want to add glitz & glamour to your existing tops, skirts,totes,candles or other items?
The Swarovski rhinestone embellishing is a specialty of mine! From a simple sprinkling to very intricate art work...
photos of some of these items coming soon!

"LIKE" Crystal's Creations & Dance on for a chance to win a $25, $50, $100 or $200 gift certificate!!! 3 winners...and 1 to go!!

Some select items can be purchased 24/7 through
... just click the "Buy it Now" button on the item page

Back Options!
There are many ways to variate designs shown in any category, be it ballroom, Latin & swing, tango or social wear, to create a look truly YOURS alone!!

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