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Attention Buyers Outside the United States

Crystal's Creations will be glad to accept your order under the following rules.

  1. Crystal's Creations does not warrant that any of our products complies with all the regulations of any country.
  2. The buyer is responsible for all import regulations, taxes, duties, and applicable laws of your country.
  3. Prices quoted are"FOB Cleveland" and that shipping to a foreign country will be at an extra
    cost based on our actual cost.
  4. We require cash payment in full up front before accepting an order.
  5. All payments must be made with your countries correct equivelent to what the US dollar price is by either:
    [1] check in your countries correct equivelent(may be extra cashing fees involved)or
    [2] by international money order in your countries correct equivelent or
    [3] via a cash payment sent by Western Union or other such company to: Crystal's Creations 7028 Wil Lou Lane, North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039.

  6. [4] When using the PayPal system for ordering,shipping there is calculated for Continental U.S. only. Contact us or you will be contacted to apply extra shipping needed.
  7. All orders valid only when expressly accepted by Crystal's Creations.
  8. No returns

Thank You for Your Co-operation

Linda Crystal
iphone 440-213-6872
7028 Wil Lou Lane
North Ridgeville, OH 44039

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