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Click here...sassy, fringy pantsets & more!"
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Custom pageant gowns & fashions available also.
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Ballroom Dance Dresses, Latin Dresses, Tango Dresses, Men's Latin Shirts

Click here for Fringy Latin Dresses & Fashions

Click here for Latin Dresses & Fashions
EXQUISITE dance fashions created exclusivelyYOU!!!

  • From very simple & elegant for beginner showdancers & the conservative to the very extravagant, ornate & fabulously detailed for the more seasoned or passionate dancer!!

  • This is what can be created for you.... for your ballroom dancing event or other special occasion!! Choose from existing designs... or...let's work together to create the special fashion
    of YOUR desires!!!

    Go To Dance Fashions Click here for Tango Dresses & Fashions

    Click here...exclusive Ballroom Gowns especially for YOU!"

    "Here are the pictures from Dancing with the Stars Laredo Style 2013. I received a lot of compliments for the costume. Thank you. Lola"
    (Lola purchase Savage original & I did the custom matching ruffly brazilian shirt.)

    The above design was custom created for a client...but a similar with different skirting would be fabulous for tango, Paso Doble' or Latin.

    Custom Order for Columbus Client, Eileen

    Men...look your best from simple & practice slinky shirts to exclusive show/competition Latin shirts to compliment or match your partner!

    Click for Men's Latin Shirts

    YOU will feel and be beautiful, elegant and sexy!

    YOU will look like a million dollars without sacrificing your budget and comfort!

    There are designs available to fit most any budget!
    Plus...if you're a beginner, choose one of my simpler, classic designs...and later,if you desire, give it a new look with added or more Swarovski stonework, beading & such!! I've actually been doing a lot of that most recently... taking some of my simpler or base designs & doing "Transitions".

    More swarovski work or embellishing can be added to any existing designs...with fee adjusted accordingly.

    Choose from existing fashions all ready to go!!There are many exsisting original designs throughout the site that can be shipped quickly denoted with an *.


    Click to Order an Express or Base Dress
    Great for beginners!

    Enter Here for Dance Fashions Enter Here for Dance Fashions

    ... available in select colors made in your size in 21 days or less...
    depending on schedule... when expressly accepted by Crystal's Creations...
    a few simple designs that are very easy to fit...
    plus can be made up quickly in a few color choices.

    YOU can step onto the dance floor at your next event knowing you can keep your full focus and enjoyment on your performance

    YOU can have the custom design fashion of YOUR dreams for dancing and special occasions. Have a creation to compliment YOUR figure and personality, from SIMPLY CLASSIC & ELEGANT to FLASHY, EXOTIC & VERY ORNATE! Whichever mood suits you can be created for your next dance function or special event!

    SPECIAL ATTENTION is given to EACH & EVERY design so it compliments not only your dance style but YOUR figure & personality! Each design is done with the finest quality stretch & other fabrics for ease of movement and for a LOOK that is YOURS and yours ALONE!!! Austrian Swarovski crystal rhinestones, hand beading, feathers and other fine embellishments finish the LOOK to suit YOUR particular DESIRES, PASSIONS, STYLE & BUDGET!!!

    Being a dance teacher, choreographer and dancer myself, my experience knows which styles will look best for YOUR dance. 

    What FLASHY,SEXY & HOT looks will compliment your Rumba, Cha Cha, Bolero, Tango, Mambo, Samba or Swing. 

    The best ELEGANT style for your Waltz, Foxtrot and Viennese Waltz. Not to mention the special costume needs for your Country Dances such as the Two Step as well as for jazz,skating or baton!!

    In addition to competition and show dance fashions, there are also ELEGANT,SLINKY, SEXY,as well as COMFORTABLE fashions for social dancing or other special events! So grab the ATTENTION of EVERYONE as you step out in YOUR one-of-a-kind DREAM fashion for YOUR next dance or special occasion!!

    Exclusive One of a Kind Designs:
    My more exclusive designs for the ballroom, latin, & tango dresses are strictly one-of-kinds.
    To create whatever YOU desire for your dance or special performance fashion...we can take ideas from existing designs or start totally from the beginning.

    Semi Exclusive Designs:
    Many of the simpler costumes or social dresses, skirts, pantsets & body suits can be done in other variations. When choosing these existing Crystal's Creations Fashions,if 2 or more of a very similar design are made... only one of each in particular fabrics will be sold to each major city.

    You can dance in comfort and still look absolutely gorgeous!!!


    Every Crystal's Creations dance fashion is comfortable as well as gorgeous!!! (read the story behind the designs)

    If you are close to or going to be in the Cleveland area, make an appointment to visit the private showroom full of an array to choose from... ample time plus personable attention.

    "LIKE" Crystal's Creations & Dance on for chance to win a $25, $50, $100 or $200 gift certificate!!!
    4 winners!! 2 so far...and 2 to go!

    $25 gift certificate drawn at 75 likes
    $50 gift certificate drawn at 100 likes
    $100 gift certificate drawn at 200 likes
    $200 gift certificate drawn at 500 likes


    The majority of fashions are made from stretch fabrics. They will fluctuate a size up or down. They are very easy to fit, so measurements are not always needed to order unless you have a hard to fit size. Sizing is also in American measurements.

    Standard Sizing
    Extra Large.....20+
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    Fabric Samples Available

    MasterCard, Visa & Discover now accepted by Phone
    Send cashiers check or money order to:

    Crystal's Creations
    7028  Wil Lou Lane
    North Ridgeville, OH  44039

    Personal checks accepted with a 14 day waiting period to clear.
    All orders valid only when expressly accepted by
    Crystal's Creations.

    For more information and ordering forms : Go Here
    iphone 440-213-6872

    All fashions are not returnable as they are custom made,or one of a kind pieces of art...not massed produced...
    but customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance, therefore any adjustments needed will be taken care of no charge

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