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Let Your Imagination Express Itself!!

Put your own creativity into your costume and save some $$$. This page offers styles that are very easy to work with for placement of stones. Designs shown can be done in any color, prints, or combination of varaiations can be done! Prices may vary in choices of fabrics.

Several of the dresses...without stonework...or..maybe just a touch... would also work as a social dress !

This page also gives ideas of stonework from simple to very ornate...and what a base dress you can pick a base design & we can create a unique work of art truly yours alone!

If there are other designs throughout the site that you would like to stone yourself...or start with the base design & create a look totally yours alone..simply contact for pricing,
or 440-327-7121

Click Image for Larger Details.

SYO203 Base

SYO203 with stonework

SYO227 Base

SYO228 Base

SYO229 Base

SYO229 with stones

Simply Magic Base

Simply Magic with stonework

Splendor Base

Splendor with stonework

Size Chart
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For special tips,instructions,& ideas on how to do stonework plus a tube of Gem Tac glue, which is what I've been using & works about the best....It's very easy & neat to work with & holds them on very well with normal wear.Includes 1 gross of size 20ss CAB Swarovski rhinestones.
For this KIT #1,send $50.00 +$7.95 shipping

KIT#2 Special tips, instructions, ideas, tube of Gem Tac plus 2 gross of size 20ss CAB Swarovski rhinestones....$60.00 + $8.95 shipping
KIT#3 Special tips, instructions, ideas, tube of Gem Tac plus 3 gross of size 20ss CAB Swarovski rhinestones....$90.00 + $8.95 shipping

send fees to:
Crystal's Creations
7028 Wil Lou Lane
North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039

Personal checks sometimes take 12 -14 days to clear before kits are sent
For quicker delivery, send cashiers check or money order.


Need a dress fast?....Many ballroom fashions are already made up...just contact for what is available in your size....or look for the symbol.
Click Here for more information on Express Fashions.

Dance Fashions pictured or sold can be created in other variations, colors and fabrics.

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The majority of fashions are made from stretch fabrics. They will fluctuate a size up or down. They are very easy to fit, so measurements are not always needed to order unless you have a hard to fit size. Sizing is also in American measurements.

Standard Sizing
Extra Large.....20+
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MasterCard, Visa & Discover now accepted by Phone
Send cashiers check or money order to:

Crystal's Creations
7028  Wil Lou Lane
North Ridgeville, OH  44039

Personal checks accepted with a 14 day waiting period to clear.
All orders valid only when expressly accepted by
Crystal's Creations.

For more information and ordering forms : Go Here

All fashions are not returnable as they are custom made,or one of a kind pieces of art...not massed produced...
customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance, therefore any adjustments needed per original order on regular priced designs will be taken care of no charge. Closeouts & sale items are null & void of this offer.

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